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That Was A Piece Of Ache!

Before the ‘Seizing of the Quads’

How do I feel about my first failed run?

Not that bad really!

The alarm went off at 6am and I awoke with quite a skip in my step. Let the dog out to do her morning ‘Business’ and have a daily sniff to check the perimeter of the garden just in case a rouge bunny or fox has invaded her territory.

I grabbed my pre-run banana and ‘magic’ electrolytes drink, put on my clothes, shoes and headphones then had a good stretch. While I stretch every morning the dog always thinks I’m on the floor to play and sticks her nose in my ear (still confused by this).

OK now I’m ready for my run, and today is the day I’m gonna run my first 5K. Yep! 5K is my goal. If I could hit my first 5K in under a month of running I would be a happy bunny, and today was the day.

I set my FitBit to run, turned on the Stereophonics and off I went.

13 mins with no rest I was passing the marker I stopped yesterday for a break, but not today, today I was going further and faster, and I did! I knew my next marker was a small tunnel leading to a beach called Coppet Hall.

In checked my FitBit. 1.78 miles run and a BPM of 159. Almost there!

Mornings at the beach

Boom! I hit my marker in under 17 mins. I was feeling as high as Donald Trump’s imaginary wall.

So I started to slow down. ‘Hang on, what’s that jelly feeling in my quads?. I’ll just take a quick rest’. I rested on a sign near the beach and had a quick breather. ‘Well Done’ I said to myself and gave myself a virtual pat on the back. Then it started.....

I began walking back the way I came and then ‘Ouch’. My legs just seized up. They became stiffer than Patrick Swayze in Ghost.

I walked back through the tunnel looking like a John Wayne tribute act. I stopped again, had another stretch and tried to start running again. Then my hips and knees proceeded to join my quads in some kind of twisted solidarity pact to cause me pain! Cheers guys, I still got a mile and a bit to get home.

I tried a few times on the route home to get going again but my legs were not wanting to accommodate my 5K morning goal.

...I didn’t accomplish my target but I’m OK with that. Sorry for the pun but I understand this is not a sprint race, it’s a marathon. My mind wanted to ‘climb the mountain’ but my body wanted to ‘go back to bed’, and I’m absolutely fine with that. I still hit my PB for running continuously without a break and that’s a win in my books.

Right then I’m off to rub some Tiger Balm into my joints, have some bacon for breakfast and watch Peppa Pig with my baby girl....don’t worry I won’t tell her....YET!

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