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13.1 Miles Of Madness

Says it all really!

So, I turn the BIG 40! in October and I think my mid-life crisis has set in early.

Now, I know my main reasons for changing my life and getting healthy is my stunning Wife Jo and beautiful daughter Winter, that hasn't changed....But I also (apparently) am a glutton for punishment because I always feel the need to push myself to the next level. After all if we don't challenge ourselves, then we never grow and progress in life, but I have NOT gone to the NEXT level....Like Mario jumping above the cave ceiling and finding the warp points, I've skipped straight to the boss fight.

You see, I have a typical 'Man-Complex'. It's like when I hadn't been to the gym in a year or 2 and then start lifting weights like I'd been solidly training for 5 years....only to wake up the next morning and not be able to move a single limb in my body and end up walking like a baby giraffe for 2 days.

Now, I consider myself to be a very rational and very level headed person 99% of the time. But this 'Man-Complex' sometimes makes me do semi-stupid things in the heat of the moment.....and I genuinely believe that they are good ideas.

So I would say that I can run a comfortable 5K (3 miles) for a big guy. I average a typical 5K in around 32min (used to be 48min). Now the natural progression from a 5K is 10K (logical, right?!). Now in a moment of madness last week my 'Man-Complex' kicked in a like a triple espresso with a red bull chaser.

I was scrolling through social media and a targeted add popped up in my feed like a hungry Great White Shark. Now normally I don't click on these types of ads but something about this caught my eye.


Hmmmm!?....YES!!!! What is it?

"Can you raise £250 for Marie Curie" (amazing charity)

Oh Yeah!!!! What is it?

"Are you free in October 2022?"



*Man-Complex kicks in* Does Pinocchio have wooden balls? YES!!!!!!

So Yeah! I've skipped out the natural progression in the evolution of running and decided to run 21K (13.1 miles)......for charity.......with a huge crowd......and 28,000 other runners! PHEW!

A friend told me yesterday that, 'Any idiot can run, but it takes a special kinda idiot to run a half marathon'....and I am that special kind of idiot!...I mean if we were meant to run 13.1 miles, then God would not have invented UBER!!

I started training this week for what will probably be the chaffing experience of a lifetime. I'm running 3 times a week at various distances and paces to hopefully eventually build up to the 21K in 17 weeks time.

I've decided to keep a VLOG of the training and the run itself to see how I progress and grow as a runner....or just to have an eternal reminder, logged in the etchings of time and space of how much of an idiot I actually am!

Either-way!...Having never competed in any type of fun run or charity race before at any distance. Why not start at a Half Marathon!


...Oh! and if i happen to collapse during the race....please pause my watch!

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