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I'm On A Mission....A Mission From Quad

So I've had my whats the plan!

I've never been a person that aims low...'shoot for the stars or go home' (something like that!). The point is I've always needed an 'Ultimate' goal, a way to reach my El Dorado, something that scares the shit out of me. Yes! I'll give myself smaller targets along the road but whats the 'End Game'? here is the plan!

London Marathon 2023.

'You absolute nutcase' I hear you splutter as you spit your porridge at your screen. You have never had a day of running experience and you want to do one of the most gruelling foot races in the world?!......A race that brakes the mind and body of the most accomplished runner?!......26.2miles of blistering, chaffing and sores that will last weeks?!

The short answer is 'YES!'


So here it is, the path that leads to that, or at least what it looks like in my head:

  1. 2020: Get Fit, Eat Well, Lose Weight.....Oh! and learn to run

  2. 2021: Enter some small local 5k/10k races and cry until I reach the finish line

  3. 2022: Aim for a Half Marathon, complete it and buy some good blister cream

  4. 2023: RUN THE LONDON MARATHON and take a month off work to recover

Sounds easy when you bullet point it like that.

I know this is a mammoth task and I don't take it lightly. I'm gonna have to train my goddamn socks off just to get to the 5K stage of the plan. My diet and lifestyle will change more dramatically than Prince Andrews version of events.

But am I up for the challenge? HELL YEAH!

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