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Yoga?!...That's a bit of a stretch

Dying Fat Man Yoga Pose

The main problem with being a 'Fat Runner' is the high impact on my lower joints (Hips, Knees and Ankles). So I have learned the 2 most effective ways of combating this are:

  1. Lose weight to reduce stress on joints

  2. Strengthen your muscles to protect you joints

Now on quite a few occasions after a series of runs my joints seriously hurt more than my ears after listening to a Susan Boyle song. My knees are the biggest culprits in my 'Symphony of Pain in Ow! Minor' I need to play it safe if I don't wanna end up with less movement than Barry Manilow's face.

So to combat this I've decided to do Yoga........Yes!....I said YOGA!

But the yoga I'm doing doesn't involve incense burners, jasmine joss sticks, playing the worlds smallest cymbals or entering deep mentation stasis so my 3rd eye can find the Yin Yang symbol in my happy place.

No No No!....none of that bollocks!!

I do Yoga for the stretching, strength building and weight loss in a low impact program...and let me tell you it's AMAZING!

The name of the program I do is DDP YOGA (or DDPY). It was created by an ex-pro wrestler called Diamond Dallas Page (DDP). As you can imagine in Pro Wrestling although everything is predetermined the stress they put there bodies through on a weekly basis taking bumps (falling), jumping of ladders, being hit with chairs ect puts a massive strain on their bodies and by the time most pro wrestles retire they are in so much daily pain from the years of punishment some can live miserable lives addicted to pain who can help them?

In steps DDP....he created a style of yoga for people with limited mobility to strengthen their bodies, keep fit and enjoy their lives. Now because he's from a wresting background DDP Yoga is perfect for bigger guys because DDP is a big guy himself!

'But yoga is really 'Namby Pamby" I hear you say.

Well all I can say to that is '...but have you tried it?'....Cause let me tell you in a 30min run I burn off about 800 calories...... in 30min of DDP Yoga I still burn off about 500-600 calories.....FOR YOGA!!!!! THAT'S INSANE!!!!

If your feeling that you want the full DDP experience then there is a full eating plan that runs alongside the program....I'm not diving into that just yet as it's almost Christmas and let face if I don't get my triple serving of Turkey and Roasties washed down with a whisky or 8 then this Fat Welsh Santa won't be happy and will more than likely upset Mrs Clause on Jesus's Birthday. (So I'll start in the New Year)

Now if you're reading this then you might be thinking 'Christ! he must be working for the company or getting commission for this post'....and my answer is 'I WISH!'

The truth is over my 38 years I have tried countless different exercise regimes and programs. Some were OK in the short term but none of them gave me motivation the way DDP Yoga does. On days where I'm feeling low or have no drive to exercise I know if I turn on DDP then within 5 mins I'm hooked and pushing my fat ass into 'Downward Dog' and 'Space Shuttle' before I can blink.

So in conclusion if you're overweight, obese, lack motivation, have injuries or just like to make excuses then DDP Yoga has a program for you.

So get your Fat....Broken....Ass out of the chair, give it a go and change your won't regret it!


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