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This Is Me!

My Little Terror :)

Let me introduce myself....I’m Fat!....Overweight!.....OBESE!

Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying this for sympathy, I’m saying it because it’s a FACT. It’s a FACT I’ve become somewhat comfortable with over the last few years...and a FACT I now need to change!

Why now I hear you say!?

Well....I’m 37 years old and peering ever closer and faster to the next milestone.

The thing is about 40, it’s that age where you are officially no longer ‘young’. I suppose that seems scary as I’m recently married and have a 1 year old little girl keeping me on my toes.

We all recently moved home and I registered at the local GP's Surgery. I gave my details form to the receptionist. "All new patients must attend a health check with the Nurse" the receptionist informed me. Shit! I'm not really a fan of being prodded and poked, but I begrudgingly nodded.

The nurse was cheerful and bubbly. I hit her with some of my 'witty' anecdotes to break the ice. My wife shook her head (she pretends I'm not funny - but we both know the truth). "....and finally just step on the scales for me please" the nurse said tapping away on her computer. My heart slightly sank, I'm not at my 'Fighting Weight' I thought but it won't be that bad.

177kg (27st 8lbs) WTF!!!!

My heart sank into a mixture anger and disgust....which over the few weeks turned into self-pity and self-loathing. I had the attitude of 'Well the damage is done now, Dad died at 60 and his father before him, so it must be a family trait, whats the point?'. I was starting to get chest pains and shortness of breath but I still ate the snacks and drank the bottles of lager. My loving wife tried to help me trying every approach available, but it was futile. I was officially a stubborn grumpy fat bastard.

My wife loves fitness and everyday come hell or high water she works her ass off working out. She has more mental fortitude in her little toe than I have in my entire body....but me I just sit on the sofa complaining that 'my feet hurt' to avoid any strenuous activity.

Then one early morning around 7am a dark and gloomy light bulb went off in my head. My daughter woke up early around 6am and I was already stirring in bed so I got up with her and left my Wife in bed probably dreaming of jumping jacks and burpees. I sat on the sofa watching the accustomed morning ritual of CBeebies with my daughter tucked at my side. Normally she would be hypnotised by the colours and sounds coming from the TV but this morning she wanted to play with Daddy and proceeded to climb all over my pre-coffeed body. While nestled in my arms she looked into my tired eyes and the switch in my mind finally turned ON!!!!!!


You have everything in the world you every wanted, a beautiful, caring wife and a daughter that will will rely on you for guidance, support and most importantly love throughout her life....and your going to throw that all away because your so stubborn and narrow minded to think that your 'fate' can't be changed.

So I got my running shoes on, put the chicken in the oven......and put up a middle finger to 'Fate', cause I am gonna walk my daughter down that aisle one day.

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