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I’m a Beefcake Baby!

As the late, great Aretha Franklin once spelt out, it’s all about R E S P E C T!...or being A Natural Woman!?...But that’s a post for another day.

Now I’m not talking about respect for others in this’s all about respect for YOU!

When you decide to make lifestyle changes to better your health, a moment of clarity normally arrives like a cattle prod to your temporal lobe or a spark of emotional energy in that moment makes you want to make a change.

As I’ve mentioned before my spark was my Daughter. I was in my mid to late 30’s when she was born, so I wanna stick around for as long as possible to see her grow into an amazing woman...and also be there to fend off any potential suiters with my death stare (which I learnt from my wife) and an AK-47.

But even though my daughter is my primary reason for everything I’m trying to achieve...there is also another BIG reason...and that’s ME!

Anyone who tells you they don’t wanna be fitter and healthier, are lying through their ass-crack! If you offered any fat person a ‘Magic Pill’ that would make them fit and slim, they would take it no questions asked. I can tell you first hand that obese people who plays the ‘joker’ and takes the piss out of themselves, only do it because it’s easier to ridicule yourself than others doing it to you. It’s a ‘Mask’ we wear to make it look to the outside world that we are comfortable the way we are...but the sad truth is...we’re not! But most of us are too lazy or complacent to change or think we’re beyond help...but that’s just another excuse for laziness and shows you have no RESPECT for yourself.

So how do we start respecting ourselves?

Let’s start with honesty. I lied to myself for years and years about my weight. “Nah, I’m fine“, “I’m just big boned”, “It’s in my Genes that I’m big”...I spouted that crap for so long I started to believe it! My lies controlled me, like Megan to Harry, I had no say!...but remember you ALWAYS have the final choice in your own life!

Respecting yourself also includes loving yourself and your body. Think of it in simple terms, your body is the only thing you have in life...Yes! You may have relationships, loved ones, family and friends but without your body none of those exist!! Your body is the most important thing in your life...Hell! It IS your life!! I spent years mistreating mine with donuts, burgers, pizza, crisps, fizzy drinks, alcohol and the list goes on...when I knew full well that’s not what your body needs.

It’s crazy that we can easily judge an alcoholic or smack-head because of their addiction, but I had a food addiction and you can argue that that’s worse. I was eating all the wrong foods on a regular basis which means that I was slowly killing myself, but people don’t see or want to see that Food Addiction is destroying us. Like other addicts can be in denial about their drug of choice, ‘Foodies’ are completely so far in denial they might as well be living in Narnia! Don’t live to to live.

Now I do believe we are not fully to blame. Junk food companies spent millions on testing additives to put in there foods to make them taste amazing and more-ish. For example; Doritos spent millions using medical MRI machines and test subjects feeding them different flavours to see which ones the brain responds to the best...don’t believe me then look it up!! Also when your local supermarket is selling 20 frozen burgers for £ alarm bell should be going off in your head!! Because if you think that’s 100% beef you’re getting...think again. We are fighting against multi billion pound companies to beat these addictions...and it’s hard, especially when you’re on a budget and a Chicken Kiev is cheaper than actual Fresh Chicken Brest....but it is possible.

Now as always, these are completely my views (before anybody starts complaining like an Anti-Vaxxer contracting COVID) I hope you can see yourself that you only have be kind to yourself and your body...cause we only get one chance at the ‘Game of Life’ don’t fuck it up!!

It’s never too late to change!

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