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Podcast killed the music star?!

Buggles was right?!

So a change of theme for today’s blog...we will be answering the age(-ish) old question...Podcast or Music???

For those of you who know me, you will know that I am a Singer/Entertainer and have been for many, many, many years...So my love for music knows limits. I sing and perform every genre of music known to man (including The Mavericks & Penny Arcade)

But even though music is in my blood, when I finish a gig and I’m travelling home the radio in my car gets tuned to Radio 4 or Talk Radio (Yes! I’m now that old). This is because I have just come off stage 30mins previous, Blood is still pumping and ears still ringing, so when I get in my car and close the door (thump)...Silence! (Or as close to it anyway) And as much as I’ve enjoyed my gig, I also love the calm and quiet just as much.

Chances are I have a 1 to 3 hour drive ahead of me before I softly slip into the Devine comfort of my own bed. During this drive like I said some form of talk radio will inevitably get switched on. My poison of choice is most likely Iain Lee on TalkRadio. He plays into the early hours with a mixture of bizarre callers (my favourite caller was about a man who was arrested for shagging a pile of leafs - True story lol) and topical humour (just my cup of tea). This kind of harmless mindless comedy is perfect to unwind with on the long trip home.

Now over the last year I have come to fall in love with some very cool podcasts like ‘No such thing as a fish’ (it’s hosted by the brains behind QI) & ‘The Steve Austin Show’ (because I’m a old school wrestling nerd)...also if you have any podcast suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

And as for music tastes, well I don’t think I have time to list them all, but they range from Country to Heavy Metal - 60’s to 00’s. Let’s just say my music taste is bigger than Kim K’s ass!!!

So what’s the best to listen to while running??

Both music and podcasts have positive and negative points when it comes to running.

I’ll start with Music....Now if you can find a good playlist of BANGING TOOOOOONS!!! then this can tremendously help your running rhythm and overall pace. Picking the right songs with a DIRTY BEEEEET is a great way to increase overall pace....but pushing yourself hard early on means you expel too much energy too early, so the latter part of your run can suffer.

And in the other corner...The podcast. If you can find a podcast your interested in, I find that it’s a great mental distraction from the run as a whole. You are so intent on absorbing the conversation in the podcast, that time seems to fly....your pace is generally slower because you don’t have a beat to run too but your run will be over before you know it.

So what’s better???


For me personally, 80% of the time it’s THE PODCAST!

At this point in my running journey (Obese) as much as I enjoy running it does take a toll on my body (my bloody calves hurt worse than the metal part of the seatbelt unsuspectingly touching your arm on a summers day). So having a slight distraction to push through the pain is very welcome at the moment.

I’m hoping in the (slimmer/fitter) future that music replaces my choice. But at this moment in time learning new facts with the QI nerds will have to do.


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