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Let’s Get Whey-sted!

Lifestyle changes

Do you know that feeling when a 9ft donkey with bowling balls on its hooves kicks you in the stomach?!...Yeah?! Well for me change the donkey to an elephant and you’ll get the jist!

...but why I hear you ask?

Well it all started by watching to many Facebook videos.

You all know that your devices (Laptops, Mobiles ect) collect information about you and what you look at online, then send you ads on Facebook based on this information. You all remember the ‘Cambridge Analytica’ scandal from a few years ago when Facebook was selling our information to political parties to help them get votes.

And if not, you’ve all noticed that if your curious one day about the cost of a new sofa because yours is getting a bit worn and shabby, and you google it, you get DFS ‘Half-Price’ Sale adverts on your Facebook for about 3 months afterwards.

So recently I’ve been Googling sportswear clothing and shoes to try and find companies and brands that fit my ample frame. In doing this my Facebook News page is now littered with ads about KETO Diets, Running groups in Reykjavik....and Fitness Videos!

Now I actively ignore 95% of these ads...but last week I stupidly clicked on one and that’s what’s caused the planet sized suplex to my midsection.

It was a video about a guy who did a 100 sit-ups a day challenge for 30 days. Now before the ‘I know better’ brigade start telling me ‘It’s too early to be thinking about abs’ etc etc....that’s not why I’m deciding to attempt it.

I have a problem with the my L4-L5 in my lower spine and to try and avoid surgery for a few years, if I try and strengthen the muscles in my lower back they will help protect my injury. Now ab crunches are a great exercise to help with this.

So I decided to commit, and my wife wants to help and join in too which is great.

Day 1

My wife is going first. So I hold her feet and she’s away with all the confidence of a 4 year old in a Batman not only is she doing crunches, she chucking in Russian Twists and full sit-ups for fun. Less than 4 mins later its finished...she made it look as easy as Kerry Katona on a night out.....Right! My turn!

And I’m off!....after the first 5 I was OK, after 10 bit of a strain, after 20.....KILL ME! KILL ME NOW! By the time I hit 50 crunches I even contemplated shitting myself so I didn’t have to finish!

100!......Phew I did it! It took a while and I didn’t have the grace of my beautiful wife but I did it.

I am glad that my wife decided to do the challenge too because watching her just fuels me to be better...and that’s exactly what I need.

So that’s why I’m sitting here (uncomfortably) writing this and drinking a protein shake for breakfast hoping that it helps with the pain....and hopefully I won’t need a number 2 today, because that gonna hurt!

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