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Excuse Me, I’m A Recovering Carb-O-Holic!

To quote the singing orphans, ‘Food, Glorious Food. What else do we live for’. Never a truer word spoken!

I’ve been in love affair with food for as long as Cher has been in her ‘40s’. Pizza, chips, burgers, nuggets, cake, the list goes on and on and during this wonderful time I have always eaten without the consequence of gaining weight.

Over the years when I’ve had some slight glimmers of self control and have tried different mainstream diets (Keto, Atkins, Kellogg’s) but all of them made me more miserable than Katie Hopkins not getting attention.

Then a while back I learnt that to get good weight loss results I HAVE to eat and not starve myself silly dieting. HOORAY!!!! I get to eat and lose weight, break out the pizza and chips, Daddies coming for ya!......Well not quite!

I'll use my hefty frame as an example:

So being 6ft 10in and 27 stone I should be consuming around 4000 to 5000 calories a day. Then depending on my daily exercise I'll burn off around the same amount 4000 to 5000 calories.

If that happens then my calories IN match my calories OUT and I maintain my weight. But that's not the plan as I want to lose weight.

So I need to reduce my calorie intake, and this is where most people including me have failed miserably in the past because basic maths says: Eat considerably less calories and watch the weight drop off....WRONG!

If your burning off 5000 calories a day but your only consuming a silly amount like 500 or 1000 calories then your body will eventually go into 'Starvation Mode' and just store anything you eat and make you extremely 'Hangry' and you'll turn into Elton John before his Snickers.

So aim to only lower your calories by a small amount a day (around 250 to 750) that means you still get to 'EAT' and keep your body happier than Boris Johnson avoiding a question.

Yes...your weight loss will be slow (0.5 pound to 2 pound a week) but that's a good rate of weight loss. How many times have you heard the story of the person who lost lots of weight in a few weeks and then just put it all back on again (plus more usually). So don't be a jackass and starve yourself, stupid!!!

The only thing I've really cut down on is sugar which isn't a big thing like people make out, because there are enough alternatives out there which have little or no calories. Plus cutting out sugar is a good thing, because it's high in calories which means I get to eat MORE food and still stay under my calories and that's only a good thing for world renown food connoisseur such as myself.

My meals at the moment consist of lots of Chicken, Veg, Fruit, Rice, Eggs, Beans, Yogurt, Beef plus I take a protein shake to help strengthen and repair my aching limbs. Anyone who says they can't live on most of the above foods and not enjoy them is a big fat dirty Prince Andrew. (Vegans not included)

.....Look it all seems to be working for me at the moment as I'm starting to see some encouraging results and I'll be posting actual weight loss numbers in a future post but until then I'll keep on running, eating and sleeping cause this fat boy is enjoying life at the moment.

P.S. The groin is feeling much better.

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