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Don’t look back in hunger

So it’s been 2 months since I started documenting my fitness progress and this seems like a good time find out what (if anything) I’ve learnt and achieved.

Well firstly the weight loss has been great. To date I’ve lost almost 25lbs (almost 2 stone) that’s the weight of an average 2 year old child.....So I’m now officially 35 years old again!!!

The forementioned weight loss has helped me in many interesting and wonderful ways. Clothes fit better, walking is less painful (unless I’ve been working out lol) and I generally feel a lot happier within myself.

Also I was having breathing problems while sleeping flat on my back due to my weight (I sounded like tugboats foghorn in a old B&W film noir movie). But since the weight loss the ‘Apena’ has pretty much righted itself.

As for the fitness benefits over the last 8 weeks...I’m now a real life Linford Christie (not really haha) but I have seen some genuine gains. I’m running longer, faster and harder week on week, beating my personal bests on a regular basis.

I’ve also learnt I’m mentally stronger than I previously thought. I’m always surprising myself while running when I achieve or beat the goals I set myself. That feeling of checking your watch after a run and seeing you’ve beaten your previous personal best time or distance is amazing and makes me happier than Kim Kardashian in a Spandex Sale.

So besides the early mornings, aching bones, tired feet, bleeding nipples (Yes! That is a thing), chaffing thighs and back far it’s all been worth it and long may the self punishment continue.

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