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Do My Feet Look Big In This?!

Being 6ft 10in I am in a constant battle with finding clothes that cover all the right places and to be honest make me look somewhat ‘Normal’ while strolling through my nearest Tesco’s supermarket. But now I have gone and stupidly made myself the size of the Liberty Bell (crack included).

If anyone out there is tall and overweight you will understand these problems, if you are not then listen up:

T-Shirts that do not even cover your belt buckle, and when you raise your hands your belly button likes to play peek-a-boo.

Friction burns on the back of your hands from constantly tucking your shirts into your trousers.

Suit jackets that are so restrictive you feel like you’re in a 1920’s asylum.

Wearing boxer shorts to try and feel comfortable but they just concertina down your waist and ride up your thighs, so you might as well be wearing briefs anyway.

Do you wear your trousers over your belly? with the risk of looking like a chubby Simon Cowell and then they slip down every 2 minutes, or on your hips? so that your belly hangs over and sneaks out under your top.

…and the list goes on!

Then add in the most important factor….my shoe size!

I have done my homework and the same sentences keep popping up on every single runners website, blog and forum……’You must wear the right footwear’ –‘Do you have the right running shoes?’ – ‘The most important things are Trainers’…..and on and on like a broken record.

Now that is all well and good for your Average Joe. I am sure if you’re a size 9 you can walk into any high street sports retail shop and pick up a decent pair of running shoes at a respectable price without having to re-mortgaging your home.

But I am a UK size 15 and that poses some problems. Firstly, high street shopping is pretty much out. I can’t even count the amount of times I was made to feel like Coco-The-Clown by a shop assistant when asking ‘Do you have any size 15’s’. Secondly, ordering off the internet means I don’t get a chance to try them on first and usually the options are slim to none for actual running shoes in my budget.

….guess I’ll just have to just chuck on my old Nikes and just get on with!

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