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Blame all your runs on me!

Whoever smelt it, dealt it!

I've had a lot of time to reflect during my break from running - Can I achieve my goals? Am I really mentally strong enough to see it through? Will my body be able to stand up to the physical challenges i've set myself? If money doesn't grow on trees, then why do banks have branches? and If my daughter refuses to nap in the afternoon, is she resisting a rest?

I digress, but you get the idea.

But the main point I thought about while resting my aching body was 'Why is my body aching SOOOOOO much?'

This isn't a list for sympathy but over the last few years I have suffered from: Frozen Shoulder, Plantar Fasciitis (Foot and Heel pain), Sciatic (fooking stupid Sciatic), Twisted Ankles, Wearing 'fatty pad' knee cartilage (I swear! that's what its called), L4 & L5 spinal disc deterioration in my spine and that's not including minor injuries.

I know what you're going to say 'WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU RUNNING FOR, YOU IDIOT????'

Simply because I'm trying to prove a point....and what is that point I hear you say?

In my opinion my recurring injuries were always explainable and I thought I was having the worst run of luck since Prince Andrew accepted a 'friend request' from Jeffrey Epstein.

It was always 'I twisted awkwardly here' or 'I lifted 'that' strangely there', but the truth is that those instances may not have helped my situation but they are not the full explanation why my injuries occur.

I've spent so long blaming other people and circumstances that I never looked at ME!

90% of my injuries are because I'm OBESE!!! It's not hard to work that out but it was hard to admit it to myself. Every torn cartridge, every twisted muscle, every worn down bone is because of the MASS of extra weight I'm humping around with me EVERYDAY!

I've never been a small person, I'm 6ft 10in tall so I'm never going to get down to 12stone and Christ! if I was I think I would join a Girl Group, move to LA and marry David Beckham.

Let put it like this! From 11pm till 7am (Bedtime) a person of 'average' weight will burn off around 400 to 500 calories in their sleep. I burn off 1200 CALORIES in the same time scale. You could say 'Thats Amazing! I wish that was me', but the truth is my body is working over TWICE as hard to support my organs and pump blood around my body than an 'average' person while I'm sleeping....and that my friends is very scary!

It's a HUGE strain on my body. Because I have let myself get so overweight by being carefree and saying shit like 'Life's too short to worry about exercise and staying healthy, pass me another slice of cake'...Then my life will LITERALLY be too short and I'll be crying when my time comes wishing that I wasn't so fucking stupid.

Then you could say 'Well you could do all that exercise and stay super fit and you could get run over by a bus, so you should just enjoy yourself'....Well the truth is I will enjoy myself, I'll enjoy myself watching my Daughter grow up knowing that if I did get 'Run over by a bus' then it was 'fate' but I didn't kill myself by being a moron and stuffing my face everyday.

You can make all the excuses in the world (I know because I've made them all!!!) but the truth is nothing, NOTHING! should stop you from making the effort to be a better you.

Now am I saying that you should never eat anything 'bad' again....absolutely not! I'd prefer to be trampled to death by an elephant or listen to a Justin Bieber album than never have a burger again!.....No! What I'm saying is use your noggin, if you've had 8 digestive biscuits with your coffee then dive into 3 slices of butter soaked toast then that is OVERKILL and not to mention probably HALF of your daily calorie intake. All in moderation...just use your head.

But unfortunately we live in a world where people get offended by absolutely everything! Well only the other morning I saw an old friend with no legs at the bus stop...I only said to him 'How are you getting on?' and he damn near flipped his lid. So if your offended by anything i'm saying then....GOOD! That means that I've hit a nerve, and if i've hit a nerve that means that you know what i'm saying has truth, whether you want to admit it or agree with me.

So....when people say they will do ANYTHING for their children....Well let me tell you, all your children want is YOU to be around for as long as possible in their lives. SO PUT DOWN THE PASTY AND MAKE THE EFFORT!!!!

It's a small price to pay....unlike the new PS5!

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