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Back In The Saddle

Friday 29th May 2020

So the start of the war begins.....the war to hopefully end all wars!

The world is on LOCKDOWN but in my little slice of Wales I'm lucky to have a decent area at the rear of my house where I can run.....Well I say run, to start off its gonna be light jogging and walking (I'm not a idiot).

'Why not go running on the roads - your allowed to exercise?'

In full disclosure I personally don't feel ready for that. I'm not a shy person generally but I just don't feel comfortable for my gigantic 6ft 10in / 27stone body to be bounding around on public roads like a sasquatch in running shoes.

'Are you afraid what passers by will say?'

That's a complicated question. I'm old enough to 'block out the haters' and just do it. I also know it says more about narrow minded dickheads passing in cars shouting 'C'mon Fat Boy, don't fall you'll cause an earthquake'.

If most people knew the pain I go through when I run being obese with underlying back issues among other problems, I would hope they would be more supportive. But the truth is arseholes exist and I'm worried that on that day where I couldn't ignore it, I'd end up getting a criminal record. So until I've become even more 'Zen' I'll stick to the garden.

And that's what I did. I jogged/walked for 28 mins and covered 2 miles. It's not record breaking stuff but it's a start and you know what they say 'Rome wasn't built in a day'

Right I'm off to have my chicken salad.

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