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Weight Loss & Surgery

Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Not everyone has the same needs. In fact, it’s can be tricky for some people to 'gel' and feel comfortable talking to new people. So before you commit to a program or course, you can have a FREE 20min Virtual Chat with me. You can tell me your goals or just talk about the weather. This informal, non hassle chat is just a 'Hello' from me to you.

Leg Injury

Primed - Pre-Op Plans



Getting surgery can be a very uncertain and scary time for you and your family. Let me show you how to focus on what you can control pre-op.

Getting you body and mind ready for surgery is of the utmost importance in achieving a full, healthy and speedy recovery.


AFTERCARE - Post-Op Plans



So you have had the surgery.

Now the road to recovery can begin. 

'Aftercare' is a personalised, one on one program to

get you back doing what you love.

But not only that, you will learn how control stress during recovery helping you to keep off the excess weight forever.

Leading to a happy, long and healthy future.

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