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Group Programs

Image by Chris Montgomery

Online Group Sessions

From £10 per session

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Local Group Sessions

From £10 per session

Feel like working with a group of like-minded people, all focusing and heading in the same direction as you? Then Group Classes are the best way forward. From Weight-Loss Classes, Detox & Cleansing to Re-tuning your mindset, Project Totem has the class for you. Group sessions run 3 times a week at various times. You don't even have to talk or share, you could just listen and get inspiration. 

Therapy Session

Weight Loss Focus Group

From £10 per session

Being overweight or obese bears as a huge factor in decisions we make in our day to day lives. It can be a leading reason for depression, lack of confidence and multiple health issues. These Project Totem weight loss group sessions will not only help you shift the excess pounds, but help you understand why you have them in the first place and teach you skills and methods to insure that they don't return.

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